No more dirty tricks…just a straight yes!

How to win business negotiations like a world-class professional?

From the time you wake up to the time you go to bed, you negotiate all day. Be it persuading your spouse to have your favourite breakfast or if that doesn’t work, at least arriving at the breakfast you both like to eat is where our first Negotiation begins.

It continues in the office too …

Imagine you need to take two days off from work to attend a ritual at your home town. Or you need to convince an internal customer about a delayed submission of crucial reports. 

If you are an HR, Negotiation becomes more crucial in hiring, managing your employees’ performance, defining deadlines, creating partnerships, or just pitching your idea to your team.

It doesn’t stop there.

When you go back home after work, the negotiations continue over how much screen time your kid should have. This is very funny though.

As we humans live in a community where almost dealing with any situation or resolving conflict requires negotiation techniques. We say Yes, We say NO, we get angry, and we lose the relationship with the clients and peers…But bad Negotiation comes with high costs for the company and even in our personal life.

Be it personal or professional life; Negotiation skills are of the most critical competency for every individual.

How can you nail your negotiation like a world-class sales professional?

It always boils down to these five simple steps.

Get to the roots of the problem :

 Winning negotiation is a common area of both giving and taking. You need to understand the type of Negotiation you are dealing with and then proceed accordingly. 

 In negotiations that are less or not transactional and involve both parties in long-term relationships, understanding the role of emotions and how it affects the other party is even more critical than transactional deal-making.

In Getting to Yes, Fisher, Ury, and Patton describe focus on interests, not positions” as one of the main elements of principled negotiation for a win-win negotiation

Don’t fall prey to the dirty tricks of Negotiation:  

How do you do it? It is as simple as being aware of the dirty tricks and understanding reality. It involves two things. It can be falling for other party tricks and tactics and losing

the deal.

It can also be the other way around, as we have access to all the content we want just a click away. This can lead us into a trap of falling for dirty tricks on the internet, which are not effective. 

And the result is you don’t just lose the deal but your credibility as well.

Have a stage-wise plan

What comes without planning and preparation?

Nothing right?

Step by step planning and preparation is critical to sense the opportunities the other party gives you during the Negotiation to deal it with clarity and smooth discussions. 

While preparing your negotiation strategies, you need to research beforehand to be ready for everything that comes your way and turn it to your advantage 

Know how high or low could you go : 

You must know when to walk out of the Negotiation. For this, you have to be very clear about your needs and the person’s needs. Never assume the other party’s bold and emotional statements are factual though his confidence is intimidating.

You need to know when to walk out of the Negotiation based on understanding the other party needs. It will help if you don’t always try to make a deal. 

Have a backup plan :  

Life doesn’t have a single straight path to get what we need. So are your deals with clients.

You need to understand what are the attributes of the best solution your client needs for his problem. And then you can let him choose from all the other solutions you have to solve that problem.

This will help you in getting to the straight yes and makes a win-win negotiation for both the parties

Even in the book, ‘Getting to Yes!’ the authors coined the term ‘BATNA‘ which stands for “best alternative to a negotiated agreement.” This term essentially describes the need for creating and developing backup plans when everything else fails. 

Sometimes, not even the best negotiation tactics and strategies fail to find perfect agreement with the other party.

All these strategies might sound so simple, but executing it to get a straight yes and wining negotiation isn’t an easy deal. Every stage of it involves too much thinking. Even the research for planning these strategies has many “what’s,” “how’s,” and “why’s” as you don’t know what that exact key to the winning Negotiation is.

Sometimes the discussion might lead to hot arguments, anger, frustration. Anxiety also creeps in, when the stakes are very high.

Saying words like It’s utter nonsense or walking out…

The above ways are snippets we have picked from the workshop,” Getting to Yes !” – Winning Business Negotiation Strategies and Techniques – by Trebound. You can enrol for the complete workshop here and also get the mentor guidance to nail your next negotiation. 

This workshop helps you stay prepared beforehand with all the necessary knowledge that can answer any objection raised. You will have a stage-wise approach before, during, and after a Negotiation that eliminates all the loopholes and error, answering all your queries.

After attending this workshop, you will enjoy negotiations like you never did and nail them like a world-class sales professional.