Virtual Christmas party – 2020


A perfect plan for your virtual Christmas party.

Christmas is associated with many memories both at the office and at home.

Be it playing secret Santa with peers and friends or cracking jokes on each other while decorating the office or home or the happiness of baking cake together with our family and sharing it with our colleagues.

Just a thought about Christmas takes us back to the good days where we al had loads of joyful emotions.

Now Christmas is almost here. unfortunately, we all are away from our peers, friends, and family…

But how many more times are we gonna curse the pandemic…?

Here’s a perfect plan to bring back the festive cheer with a ‘virtual Christmas party’ even when you can’t meet them in person. 

These are 7 virtual Christmas party ideas before you say hello to your online Christmas celebration to give it an extra blast and generate more party vibes.  

Set a theme: Themes always bring extra cheers to the party. We can use this opportunity to add some extra spice to your Virtual Christmas eve. This also comes with added advantages of planning the flow of Christmas eve at ease and giving inspiration for more creative ideas for activities. You can plan the dress code, invitation, and food based on the theme.

While thinking about the theme, don’t limit your ideas to only festive themes, You can go completely out of the box.

Invitation: Online or offline, what is a party without an invitation? Even though it is a party, a boring calendar invite or a message invite will only give your peers or friends the feeling of just another online meeting.   

If it is a party, then you should hype it up a little. You can use many free tools like Canva to make those invitation cards. You can make it a bit personalized by adding the group pictures of your last two years’ Christmas party.

Dress code: Ask your teammates to wear something festive or if you are opting for a themed party, then you can choose the attire based on that theme.

This might be a Santa hat, Christmas sweater or t-shirt, reindeer ears, festive jewelry, or even a Santa suit. The dress code gives a festive feeling and gets them into the party mood. This is a must to bring the Xmas-bash even though it is online.

Food party: Delicious food is a must-have at every party. There is no ‘Merry Christmas’ without cakes, puddings, sweets, cookies, chocolates, and many more treats.

To bring the old Christmas vibe to your party, food should be included in the virtual Christmas celebration.

“Food and virtual party?” 

We can see many questions popping out of your head…

Employers can send cookie packs, chocolates, or some other treats to employees. During the party, you can eat them along with your peers. And teammates can show each other all the food items they make for Christmas. 

More importantly, get them to talk about the history or traditions each food item has or the funny moments associated with them. You can also have a baking cake competition where everyone in the virtual party, bakes the cake or makes any Christmas dish in a limited time. They can also involve their family members while cooking or baking a cake or after making the dish to taste.

Doing this will definitely add a blast of laughter to your party

Tip: Make sure everyone participates in it with great enthusiasm. For that, you can also include some icebreaker games because festivals are the perfect times to break the ice and help them open up. 

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Virtual secret Santa: One of the best things about Christmas is that it brings everyone together by gifting. The festive fun of Secret Santa is the staple in every Christmas party. Thanks to postal services and delivery services, This helps to get your employees to send their gifts to their respective secret Santa and ask them to open the gifts during the virtual party. 

As every one of us loves gifts, this will not only bring more festive vibes to your Christmas party but also help your colleagues to connect at a more personal level when done at the office.

Get them off their feet: After so many meetings day in and day out, people are already fed up with meetings. So don’t let your virtual party be another video call. 

Try to get them off their feet, get them dancing, screaming out songs. You can add a twist to the show by changing songs abruptly. The host can make a mix of songs with different modulations prior and play the mix during the party.  You can also organize a karaoke party to heighten the spirits.  

Don’t limit yourself to these ideas, you can try many fun ideas to keep the party rocking. 

Fun games:  You can begin games after the meal but nobody looks up for a boring quiz anymore. Make sure your games are super fun and exciting.  So choose the right games and plan them properly for getting your guests excited into the party mood.

If your team is too big, you can try splitting off into smaller teams, this will help people have more intimate conversations and more fun. 

Following all these simple tips and ideas will definitely make your merry Christmas merrier than you ever thought. 

We wish you Merry Christmas and hope this virtual party creates new memories for you, your peers, and your family that are cherished forever. 


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