Virtual onboarding - 6 new ways to engage new hires in 2020

After numerous challenges during the recruitment, HR’s find the best employee that fits the organisation. But virtual onboarding needs extra planning  When a new employee is on board into an organisation, they are full of zeal with creative ideas to innovate. while observing everything from the physical workspace to how the team members interact, new hires have so much information influencing their experience. 

But now, in the process of virtual onboarding, employees and HR leaders have to take some time and effort to instil team spirits and engage them. And it depends on the culture and values of the organisation if they can keep that talent and use it for the better good or just let them lose that zeal which results in lack of employee engagement. 

The very first thing that leaders and peers must do after virtual onboarding a new employee is to help them open up and give them the confidence to share their ideas and make them feel belonged.

Here are 6 ways that nurture new hires and instil team spirit in them

1. Explain or over-explain : Yes, read in again. Explain, over-explain every detail and the why of it. Freshers come with many doubts as well as many ideas that can help the organisation grow. But they do have that resistance to ask and open up. So in the initial stages explaining even the small things in a more detailed manner and helping them understand the why of it is important. This will help them in getting good insights about the work as well as the organisational values.

2. Feedback and appreciate: Be generous while giving feedback. Appreciate every effort of theirs and explain how they can improve. Research of 2020 states 79% of employees will quit their jobs due to lack of appreciation from leaders.

 Appreciating them in front of the whole team during online meetings and recognising their efforts can boost their confidence and push them to do better. This doesn’t imply going soft on them. Challenge them but also give enough room for their new ideas and recognise their effort.  

3. Assess their strengths: Help employees to understand more about themselves and find where they lack. This way, let them discover their strengths. Some strength assessments and personality tests also help them identify their personality type. This helps in engaging them while working remotely in the current times.  

4. Break the ice and help them bond: Not every day should be a workday. And bonding happens better with fun. These are some virtual team building activities that help freshers in getting to know their peers and helps them bond. Doing this will help both existing employees and freshers bond, develop internal communication in the virtual team and Improve employee engagement. 

  • Aliens have landed – This activity helps in reducing the cultural differences between peers and a great activity for building communication breaking all the barriers of culture and language.

  • Never have I ever: This activity not only helps colleagues in removing judgements but gives introverts an equal opportunity to share some facts about themselves and share experiences thereby improving trust and deepening relationships between teammates.

  • Unique and strange: This activity will help new employees in breaking the shell of insecurity and restrictions that often hinder team members to speak out the problems and share their ideas without any difficulty.

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 5.  Let them sink the values and culture: 

Every employee needs to support and vision of the company and be aligned with what the company and the whole team is striving to achieve. And Freshers have to sink those values and goals deep so that they don’t give up despite the challenges. Without alignment, there is no real purpose and benefit of any work to be done, because the members would have hypothetically taken different trains to different destinations, leading to a lost purpose.  This can happen with heartfelt conversation and a caring environment where they feel belonged. Some activities can also do that better.  

The above-mentioned activity Aliens have landed is the best way to enable all members in the team to support, promote and strive for the same goals that the team, and the company has. You can determine whether a particular member understands and stands for the same things through this game. 

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6. Invest in their growth:  

Leaders need to invest time, money and energy. This doesn’t mean the perks of the job but the actual mentorship from leaders. Watch out for your people and help them learn even from their own failures, and understand how they are dealing with challenges and what can help them. Providing enough resources that help them upskill using virtual learning resources to help them to stay updated in their domain also makes them feel that the company cares for their growth. This can be one of the best drivers of employee engagement

This will definitely make them go an extra mile towards the company’s mission.